A Menu To Cater For All Tastes

A fully homemade gastro menu offering Irish, western & international cuisine

Enjoy local & imported bottled & on tap beers, ciders, delicious cocktails & happy balloons. Whiskey fans will also be delighted with the array of top-shelf whiskeys.

We have a passion for top quality international & western food combined with welcoming & memorable hospitality in a family-friendly atmosphere.

(V) = Vegetarian


Monday Special - 2 for 1 Argentinian Steak Night

Mondays – 2 For 1 Argentinian Steak

Enjoy 2 for 1 Argentinian steak when you buy a bottle of wine or 2 signature cocktails!

Tuesday Special - 40% Off American Pork Ribs Night

Tuesdays – 40% Off American Pork Ribs

Enjoy 40% off our American Pork Ribs!

Wednesday Special - Gourmet Burger Night

Wednesdays – Gourmet Burger Night

Enjoy a complimentary appetiser with every Gourmet Burger!

Sunday Special - Sunday Roast

Sundays – Classic Sunday Roast Dinner

Enjoy a complimentary pint of Huda with every classic Sunday Roast dinner. Only 245k!



Arancini cauliflower, chorizo & mozzarella risotto balls with spicy aioli – 115k

Cajun Chicken Tenders

Cajun chicken tenders with smoky tomato relish & honey mustard sauce – 135k

Crispy Coconut Prawns

Crispy coconut prawns with Thai lemon & lime dressing – 165k

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad with pomegranate, roasted pumpkin with feta & hazelnut dressing (V) – 175k

Herby Lentil, Barley & Kale Salad

Herby lentils, barley & kale salad with fresh goats cheese & balsamic dressing (V) – 175k

Oven-roasted Beetroot Salad

Oven-roasted beetroot salad with mixed lettuce, parmesan cheese & balsamic dressing (V) – 175k

Add garlic prawns / grilled mustard glazed chicken to any salad – 35k


Gourmet Bacon Cheeseburger

Gourmet bacon cheeseburger with avocado, caramelised onions in a brioche bun & french fries – 245k

Full Irish Breakfast

Full Irish Breakfast with 2 back bacon, 2 sausages, grilled tomato, king oyster mushrooms, baked beans, black & white pudding, 2 hash browns, Irish soda bread & choice of 2 eggs (fried, soft boiled, poached or scrambled) – 250k

Half Irish Breakfast

Half Irish Breakfast with 1 back bacon, 1 sausage, grilled tomato, king oyster mushrooms, baked beans, black & white pudding, 1 hash brown, Irish soda bread & choice of 2 eggs (fried, soft boiled, poached or scrambled) – 150k


Marinated American Pork Ribs

Marinated American pork ribs served with homemade BBQ sauce – 215k

Argentinian Rib-eye Steak

Argentinian rib-eye steak with a choice of sauce: Phu Quoc pepper sauce, green Chimichurri or chef’s sauce – 365k

All dishes from the grill are served with 2 sides: A choice of creamy mashed potato or french fries & seasonal steamed vegetables or house salad


Irish Shepard’s Pie

Irish Shepherd’s Pie: Traditional Irish baked casserole with ground beef & vegetables topped with a creamy mashed potato crust – 195K

Australian Beef Pie

Australian slow-cooked chunky beef with rich gravy topped with puff pastry, served with a side salad & french fries – 245k

Crispy Beer Battered Ling Cod

Crispy beer-battered Ling cod with french fries, mushy peas & house-made tartare sauce – 265k

Ultimate Bangers & Mash

Ultimate bangers & mash with onion gravy & choice of 2 Toulouse sausages OR a Cumberland coil – 295k

Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet

Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet with creamy mashed potato & steamed vegetables with spinach velouté – 295k

Irish Stout Beef Stew

Irish stout beef stew with kale mashed potato – 215k

Indian Butter Chicken

Indian butter chicken with white rice & fresh cream – 215k (vegetarian option also available) – 160k (V)

Classic Chicken Cordon Bleu

Classic Chicken Cordon Bleu with creamy leek sauce, steamed seasonal vegetables & creamy mashed potatoes – 195k

French Style Macaroni

French style macaroni with smoked ham, crème fraîche & parmesan cheese – 195k

Stuffed Aubergine

Provençal vegetable ratatouille, pumpkin seeds, tahini dressing, crispy garlic crumb & side herb salad (V) – 195k


Ham & Cheese Bagel

Smoked dry cured ham & Emmental cheese – 115k

Chorizo & Cream Cheese Bagel

Seared chorizo & cream cheese – 115k

Egg & Bacon Bagel

Scrambled egg & bacon – 115k

Tuna Salad Bagel

Tuna mayo salad & Emmental cheese – 125k

All Rabbit Bagels are served with french fries or salad


Fried Egg (V) – 20k

Seasonal Steamed Vegetables (V) – 35k

House Salad (V) – 35k

Creamy Mashed Potatoes (V) – 45k

French Fries (V) – 55k


Pecan Brownie & Ice Cream

Pecan nut brownie with vanilla bean ice cream – 125k

Fruit Tart & Coulis

Mango and passion fruit tart with berry coulis – 125k



Marinated olives (V) – 65k

Tyrells Crisps

Mature cheddar cheese & chives

Sea salt & cider vinegar

Sweet chili & red pepper

ALL (V) – 65k

Pork Crackling

Rabbit Hole Irish Sports Bar’s home cooked pork crackling – 75k

Tea & Crumpets

Tea & crumpets (2 pieces) with butter & jam – 120k

Chicken Satay

Chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce – 95k

Patatas Bravas

Patatas bravas with a zesty red paprika aioli – 95k

Hummus & Crostini

Beetroot hummus with ciabatta crostini – 95k

Prawn Croquettes

Prawn croquettes with garlic & lime dipping sauce – 115k

Beef Jerky


Phu Quoc pepper


ALL – 115k

Beef Biltong


Phu Quoc pepper


small – 130k / big – 255k

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo chicken wings with homemade Peri-Peri sauce – 145k

Korean Chicken Wings

Korean spicy chicken wings – 145k


Draught Beers

Huda Draught 4.7% – 45k Glass / 60k Pint / 320k Tower

Superbock 5.2% – 70k Glass / 100k Pint

Magners Original 4.5% – 65k Glass / 110k Pint

Pastuer Street Brewery Craft Beers

Nitro Irish Stout 4.5% – 110k Glass / 160k Pint

Jasmine IPA 6.5% – 110k Glass / 160k Pint

Passion Fruit Pale Ale 4% – 110k Glass / 160k Pint

Pale Ale 5% – 110k Glass / 160k Pint

Bottled Beers

Huda Gold – 45k

Tuborg Ice – 50k

Saigon Red – 45k

Saigon Chill – 50k

Tiger – 50k

Carlsberg Smooth – 60k

Magners (Pear & Red Berry) – 85k

Hoegaarden White 4.9% – 90k

Kronenberg 1664 Blanc – 95k

Corona – 100k

Pomelo IPA 6.2% – 110k

SPIRITS (Including a Coke, Tonic or Soda)

Irish Whiskey

Jameson – 95k Glass / 1,250k 70cl Bottle

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition – 110k Glass / 1,400k 70cl Bottle

Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition – 110k Glass / 1,400k 70cl Bottle

Bushmills Original – 120k Glass / 1,500k 70cl Bottle

Tullamore Dew – 130k Glass / 1,900k 75cl Bottle

The Sexton Malt Whiskey – 160k Glass / 2,200k 70cl Bottle

Bushmills Blackbush – 160k Glass / 2,200k 70cl Bottle

Bushmills Single Malt 10 Year Old – 210k Glass / 2,800k 70cl Bottle

Bushmills Single Malt 12 Year Old – 265k Glass / 3,600k 70cl Bottle

Bushmills Single Malt 21 Year Old – 750k Glass / 10,000k 70cl Bottle

Middleton Very Rare – 650k 70cl Glass

Scottish Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Black Label – 110k Glass / 1,600k 75cl Bottle

Chivas 12 Year Old – 120k Glass / 1,600k 70cl Bottle

Monkey Shoulder – 160k Glass / 2,100k 70cl Bottle

Glenlivet 12 Year Old – 205k Glass / 2,900k 70cl Bottle

Laphroaig 10 Year Old – 215k Glass / 3,400k 75cl Bottle

Macallan 12 Year Old Double Casked – 275k Glass / 3,900k 70cl Bottle

Talisker Storm – 260k Glass / 3,500k 70cl Bottle

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old – 415k Glass / 5,400k 70cl Bottle

Japanese Whiskey

The Chita – 180k Glass / 2,600k 75cl Bottle

Hibiki – 520k Glass / 7,200k 70cl Bottle

American Whiskey

Jim Beam – 90k Glass / 1,100k 75cl Bottle

Jack Daniel’s – 105k Glass / 1,600k 70cl Bottle

Maker’s Mark – 140k Glass / 1,750k 75cl Bottle

Rittenhouse Rye – 150k Glass / 2,100k 70cl Bottle


Absolute – 95k Glass / 1,250k 70cl Bottle

Grey Goose – 155k Glass / 2,200k 70cl Bottle


Bombay Sapphire – 95k Glass / 1,250k 75cl Bottle

Saigon Spirits Pink Gin – 95k Glass / 850k 50cl Bottle

Hendrick’s – 160k Glass / 2,100k 75cl Bottle

Tanqueray No.10 – 160k Glass / 2,900k 1ltr Bottle

Lady Trieu Mekong – 170k Glass / 2,300k 75cl Bottle

Gunpowder Irish Gin – 190k Glass / 2,600k 75cl Bottle

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz – 210k Glass / 2,800k 70cl Bottle


Havana Club 3 Year Old – 95k Glass / 1,200k 70cl Bottle

Captain Morgan Spice Gold – 100k Glass / 1,300k 75cl Bottle

Brugal Añejo – 110k Glass / 1,500k 70cl Bottle

Havana Club 7 Year Old – 145k Glass / 2,100k 75cl Bottle

Sampan Rhum Blanc 54% – 160k Glass / 2,100k 70cl Bottle

Brugal 1888 – 220k Glass / 2,950k 70cl Bottle


Jose Cuervo Gold – 95k Glass / 1,200k 75cl Bottle

Patrón XO Café – 150k Glass / 2,000k 75cl Bottle

Patrón Silver – 205k 205k Glass / 3,500k 75cl Bottle

Patrón Añejo – 230k Glass / 3,900k 75cl Bottle


Hennessy VS – 95k Glass / 1,350k 70cl Bottle

Rémy Martin VSOP – 195k Glass / 2,950k 70cl Bottle


Sambuca – 70k Glass
Kahlúa – 80k Glass
Malibu – 80k Glass
Jägermeister – 80k Glass / 1,900k Bottle

Ricard Pastis – 80k Glass / 1,100k Bottle

Campari – 100k Glass
Baileys – 100k Glass / 1,300k Bottle

Absinth – 160k Glass
D.O.M Bénédictine – 185k Glass


Classic Cocktails

 Old Fashioned

Whiskey Sour

Mai Tai


Espresso Martini

Mojito (Classic or Pornstar)


Tequila Sunrise

Cuba Libre


White Russian

Piña Colada

Gimlet (Classic or Pink)

Irish Coffee

Long Island Iced Tea


Shady Lady

Bombay Gin, pomegranate & cinnamon

Hồ Ly Beardy

Jose Cuervo Tequila, passion fruit & chili

Hanoi Honey

Tea infused Gin, Campari & rose

Sexy Señorita

Havana 7 year old, sangria & apple

Vietnamese Craic

Makers Mark & tamarind


Bushmills, matcha & pineapple salted plum

Black Rabbit

Saigon Spirits electric vodka, blackcurrant, lime, soda

Irish Blessing

Saigon Spirits Pandan liquor, basil, cardamon syrup, pineapple juice

PVC Pornstar

Saigon Spirits Pornstar & pandan liquors, lime, lemongrass syrup


Buy 5, Get 1 FREE!

Jägermeister ice cold – 80k

B52 – 100k

Jägerbomb – 100k

Rabbit Hole Challenge – 100k

Baby Guinness – 100k

Kamikazi – 100k

Hot Damn – 100k

Pornstar – 100k


White Wine

Flamenco Chardonnay – 120k Glass / 280k Half Bottle / 490k Bottle

Clos D’estac White Chardonnay – 610k Bottle

Sparkling Wine

Belleville Chardonnay – 530k Bottle

Red Wine

Flamenco Grenache, Shiraz – 120k Glass / 280k Half Bottle / 490k Bottle

Chateau Des Chevaliers, Cabernet Sauvignon – 130k Glass / 300k Half Bottle / 550k Bottle

Chile Colina, Cabernet Sauvignon – 280k Glass / 490k Bottle

Rosé Wine

Flamenco Rose – 120k Glass / 280k Half Bottle / 490k Bottle


Tír na nÓg (The Land Of Youth)

Apple, Celery, Beet & Ginger – 80k

Tropical Treat

Celery, Pomelo, Apple, Lime & Ginger – 80k

Minty Melon

Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint – 80k

Pineapple Sizzle

Pineapple, Cucumber, Carrot & Mint – 80k

Spicy Carrot

Carrot, Ginger, Lemongrass & Orange – 80k

Mean Green Machine

Guava, Kale, Spinach & Celery – 80k


Pot of Tea

Pomegranate Green Tea (The English Tea Shop) – 35k

Earl Grey (Twinnings) – 45k

Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea – 45k

Vietnamese Coffee

Iced Coffee – 30k

Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk – 40k

Nespresso Coffee

Ristretto – 50k

Espresso – 50k

Americano – 50k

Macchiato – 60k

Double Espresso – 70k

Capuchino – 75k

Latte – 75k

Mocha – 75k


Soft Drinks & Water

Dasani 510ml – 30k

Coca-Cola – 40k

Diet Coke – 40k

Sprite – 40k

Tonic – 40k

Soda – 40k

Red Bull – 50k

Ginger Ale – 50k

La Vie Sparkling Water 45cl (Glass bottle will be recycled) – 60k


Happy Balloons

Big – 150k

Combo 10 X Big Balloons – 950k


Marlboro Lights / Kent – 50k



Rabbit Hole T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) – 220k

Rabbit Hole Beer Stubby – 90K